About Bobblehead Bar

The story of Bobblehead Bar

This is what space tastes like.

Jess never thought her love for chocolate would have turned into the most fulfilling career of her life. She loves expressing herself creatively in the kitchen and after meeting her gluten-free partner over five years ago, her love for cooking reached a new level. Being in the service industry for many years and seeing beautiful works of culinary art along the way, Jess wanted to express her creativity but hadn’t quite decided how. The universe took notice of that desire and the pieces of the puzzle we’ve come to know as Bobblehead Bar started falling into place.

Jess was approached by a popular southern Maine cannabis company curious if she would make chocolates for them.

Not knowing the first thing about chocolate making, she was intrigued and thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to make her own vegan milk chocolate.

She melted down store-bought chocolate chips, added coconut milk and sugar thinking she had nailed it. Little did she know she was about to embark on a beautiful journey where art, intuition and science all come together to make delectable vegan chocolate. Needless to say, her first attempt at chocolate didn’t come out quite as she had hoped, and so she took to the internet. She completed a Canadian chocolatier course which furthered her knowledge and skill as a chocolatier.

Feeling she was in over her head at times, and on the verge of throwing in the towel, she leaned into the power of the universe and Ganesha. Being the god of wisdom and remover of obstacles, the Hindu deity was the embodiment Jess needed to start her chocolatier journey. Her beloved Ganesha statue sits atop of her tempering machine, helping to remove obstacles that block her from taking risks, trying new ingredient combinations and guiding her to navigate this new venture with grace. Ganesha is a daily reminder to Jess to be present with the chocolate, and to follow her intuition.

As we approach the two year anniversary of Bobblehead Bar, Jess’s idea of having as many vegan and gluten-free options available is the foundation of the company today and reflected by making Bobblehead Bar as inclusive as possible, as mindful as possible and as delicious as possible.